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AlphaWorld is a guided reading program with a focus on informative texts for K–2. It consists of 96 non-fiction student books and teacher support material designed to help teachers develop and strengthen each student’s reading. For information on Using non-fiction texts and
How to use AlphaWorld

books levelled

The 96 student books have been carefully levelled (Levels 1–24, based
on Reading Recovery™ levels), taking into account the following:

  • complexity of concepts
  • contextual support provided by the photographs
  • complexity of language structures and vocabulary
  • length of text

books curric

AlphaWorld offers opportunities for teachers to choose books
that connect literacy with topics from the social studies, science
and technology curriculums.

social studies

Books on social studies topics deal with students’ immediate
experiences and environment, their family and friends,
neighbourhood and wider community.

Books on social studies topics are linked to these themes:

  • Individual Development and Identity
  • People, Places and Environments
  • Individuals, Groups and Institutions

market day


Books on science topics are linked to these themes:

  • Physical Science: understandings of the properties of objects and
    materials; the position and motion of objects; and a study of light,
    heat and magnetism.
  • Natural Science: understandings about the characteristics of
    organisms; organisms and their environments, and the life
    cycles of these organisms.
  • Earth Science: understandings about the properties of Earth materials;
     objects in the sky and changes in the Earth and sky.

the river


Books on technology are linked to these themes:

  • differences between natural objects and those made by humans
  • impact of human activity on the natural environment
  • technological design and its social uses.


ts material

AlphaWorld is supported by AlphaAssess

aw assess

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