Program Overview

AlphaKids is a guided reading program with a variety of narrative and informative texts for K–2. It consists of 282 student books and
teacher support material. The student books have been carefully levelled (Levels 1–24, based on Reading Recovery™ levels) across four reading stages: emergent, early, transitional and extending
reading stages.

Emergent Reading Stage (L 1-5)

At this stage, books have a logical structure to encourage prediction
and promote discussion with supportive print features to ensure progress.

Alpha Literacy

Early Reading Stage (L 6-11)

At this stage, books offer continued reading support with increased
complexity of concepts, syntax and vocabulary.

Alpha Literacy

Transitional Reading Stage (L 12-17)

At this stage, books provide a progressive increase in the amount
and complexity of text per page with a variety of syntax, meaning
and vocabulary.

Alpha Literacy

Extending Reading Stage (L 18-24)

At this stage, books offer a greater variety of vocabulary, page layout,
sentence construction and length. There are a range of formats
including plays, narratives, poems and informative texts with labels, highlighted key words and maps.

Alpha Literacy

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