Sharing EnvironmentTitle: Sharing The Environment
978 1 74148 806 7
Upper Primary/Set 3
Levels 29–30


Description: The natural environment is changing because of what people do, and this is putting huge pressures on the animals that live there. Read Sharing the Environment to discover what people are doing to help these animals, and how people can live in harmony with animals that share their environment.

Key concepts

  • Human activity has impacted severely on the availability of some animals’ habitats.
  • Animals need specific habitats to survive.
  • Living organisms depend on each other and the environment.
  • Many individuals, groups and organisations have developed particular environments to save animals from extinction.

Curriculum links:
Study of society/Natural science

Text types in this book

  • Report
  • Newspaper report
  • Recount
  • Explanation

Text features of this book

Text tools

  • Contents page
  • Specialised vocabulary
  • Glossary
  • Index
  • Headings
  • Captions
  • Labels
  • Lists
  • Table

Text boxes

  • Did you know? boxes
  • Fact boxes

Visual tools

  • Photographs
  • Maps
  • Symbols

Reading and thinking strategies

  • Predicting
  • Using details in photographs and visual text tools to support understanding of the text
  • Supporting text discussions with evidence from the text
  • Summarising information
  • Reading with fluency
  • Identifying cause and effect


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