Our BodiesTitle: Our Bodies
978 1 74148 649 0
The Nature of Our World
Middle Primary A/Set 1
Levels 22–23


Description: Are you ready to be amazed? Our Bodies includes mind-boggling, hard-to-believe facts about all parts of the body that will leave you speechless! Come and explore inside Our Bodies to find out what goes on inside you.

Key concepts

Understanding our own bodies and how they work by examining the main systems involved.

Curriculum links: Science/Personal, Social and Health Education

Text types in this book

  • Report
  • Explanation
  • Recount
  • Procedure

Text features of this book

Text tools

  • Table of contents
  • Glossary
  • Index
  • Headings
  • Specialised vocabulary
  • Speech bubbles
  • Question and answer
  • Labels
  • Table
  • Captions

Text boxes

  • Fact boxes
  • Thinking like a scientist
  • Did you know?

Visual tools

  • Microscopic images
  • Cross-section diagrams
  • Diagrams
  • Photographs

Reading and thinking strategies

  • Accessing prior knowledge
  • Posing and answering questions
  • Reading and explaining diagrams
  • Interpreting a recount


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