Looking After Our WorldTitle: Looking After Our World
978 1 74148 654 4
Relationships, Roles, Responsibilities
Middle Primary A/Set 2
Levels 23–24


Description: Looking After Our World will take you on an amazing journey to some of the world’s most spectacular world heritage sites. These sites have been established to preserve and protect nature, history and culture, so that people now and in the future can continue to enjoy and learn about them.

Key concepts:

  • Understanding how we can look after our world by making some places world heritage sites.
  • Considering how and why places are chosen to become world heritage sites.
  • Understanding that some places have unique cultural and/or natural features and that they are important to many people.

Curriculum links: Earth science/Geography/Technology

Text types in this book

  • Report
  • Explanation
  • Recount

Text features of this book

Text tools

  • Table of contents
  • Glossary
  • Index
  • Specialised vocabulary
  • Headings
  • Labels

Text boxes

  • Fact boxes
  • Think about…
  • Text boxes
  • Did you know?

Visual tools

  • Map
  • Photographs

Reading and thinking strategies

  • Accessing prior knowledge
  • Posing questions
  • Reading main body of text and accompanying extra information
  • Understanding how to read fact files


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