Keeping WellTitle: Keeping Well
978 1 74148 668 1
Survival and Safety
Middle Primary B/Set 3
Levels 26–27


Description: Read Keeping Well to find out about health, safety, accidents and illness. You will not only discover how inventions and technology have helped you to stay healthy, but also what you can do to make sure you have a safe and healthy life.

Key concepts

Over time medical inventions and technologies have assisted groups of people to enjoy better health and feel safer in their environments.

Curriculum links:
Study of society/Technology

Text types in this book

  • Report
  • Argument
  • Recount
  • Procedure
  • Explanation

Text features of this book

Text tools

  • Table of contents
  • Glossary
  • Index
  • Specialised vocabulary
  • Letter
  • Headings

Text boxes

  • Fact boxes
  • Thinking like a scientist
  • Text boxes
  • Did you know?

Visual tools

  • Illustrations
  • Cross-section diagrams
  • Diagrams
  • Cartoon illustrations
  • Photographs

Reading and thinking strategies

  • Accessing prior knowledge
  • Retelling information in their own words
  • Using a range of strategies to find relevant information
  • Using context to understand new vocabulary
  • Identifying ways in which plurals are formed
  • Supporting their discussions with evidence from the text


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