AlphaAssess is a complete early literacy assessment and teaching kit containing two teacher resource books and 28 benchmark books, from Levels 1 to 28.



Step 1 Assess

Assess students’ literacy development using the benchmark books, which are unseen fiction and non-fiction books, and proformas in the teacher resource book The First Step: Assessing Early Literacy.

Step 1

You might be interested in free downloadable AlphaAssess assessment proformas and videos of students reading The Bull and the Frog, as well as the benchmark books Sebastian Learns to Swim and I Like to Play.

Step 2

Analyse the assessment and plan what students need to learn next in reading and writing.

Step 3

Teach students what they need to learn next. Teaching strategies are supported by blackline master activities in the teacher resource book The Next Step: Developing Early Literacy.

Step 3

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